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According to Marine Corps Postal Officials it is taking 7 to 10 days for mail to be delivered to deployed Marines.  Letters and packages must be sent to a specific service member (by name). The United States Postal Service will not accept items addressed to "Any Service Member" or other umbrella addresses.


The government is not accepting mail from the general public to service members for two reasons: logistics and security. The military postal system does not have the capacity to screen for safety and process the tons of mail normally generated by Any Service Member mail. To add to the difficulty, bona fide mail from family and friends may be delayed by the volume of mail.


The Blue Star Mothers  is an organization that, among other things, sends care packages to our troops.

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What items "CAN/CAN NOT" be mailed to deployed Marines?




Illegal substances

Alcoholic beverages

Explosives, including fireworks.

Offensive or obscene materials

including photos, drawings or any other material

which may have the potential to offend

(opposite sex, another race, background, nationality or ethnicity or

make someone uncomfortable who is deeply religious, conservative or modest)





Books (paperbacks are best)

Magazines (cars, guns, hunting, etc.)


Cameras (disposable)

Odor Eaters( for boots)

Camper style foods (beef jerky, etc.)
Canned meats (sardines, tuna, etc.)

Single serve packets (powered drinks)

Candy (Gum, licorice, etc.)

Snacks (granola bars, crakers, etc.)

Tea bags or Coffee

Music CDs
Nerf toys (small footballs, etc.)

Phone cards (pre-paid)


Facial tissues (small packets)

Moist wipes (small packets)
Toiletries (travel sizes)

Travel games
Travel mugs

Blank Occasion cards

Pens or Pencils



How to Send Care Packages:

Keep the packages small (no bigger than a shoe box). Larger packages take longer to be delivered and are more cumbersome for your Marine to haul around. Smaller, more frequent packages are likely your better option. The U.S. Postal Service offers FREE boxes for Priority Mail. You can also order free boxes from the USPS online store (for use with Priority Mail shipping ONLY). The Recommended size is the #4 or #7 box.


Packaging Tips:

Use plastic bags with zip-style closures for everything. They keep out sand, they keep out rain. Resourceful Marines are re-using them for all sorts of things. Quart size is great to keep their wallets and personal photos with them, in one of their many pockets, and they stay dry. If you're shipping a liquid (shampoo, eye drops), or items that are likely to melt or drip (Chapstick, deodorants, chocolate) be sure to pop it into a tightly sealed plastic bag first. That will help keep the rest of the items from getting gooey or ruined, just in case. 



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