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          Scholarship Policies and Procedures


The  Marine  Corps  Coordinating  Council  of  Greater  Rochester,  Inc.  (the  “Council”)  will  award scholarship grants to Marines, Sailors and Reservists.


The Selection Procedure


Applications will be solicited from Marine Corps, Naval, and Reservists in Upstate New York and Erie, Pennsylvania. The primary mechanism for advertising the scholarship program will be by publicizing its scholarship programs at local organizations. Interested reservists will then complete and submit a scholarship application. A copy of the application form is attached as Exhibit 1 hereto.


The applications submitted will then be considered by the Scholarship Committee comprised of three

(3) Council members. The Scholarship Committee will review and screen the applications. It will then select the scholarship recipients.


The awarding of the scholarship will be based solely upon the objective judgment of the Scholarship Committee as to which candidates demonstrate financial need and the greatest potential for utilizing the resources offered by the scholarship. Once selected to receive a scholarship, the student will receive an award letter in substantially the format attached hereto as Exhibit 2.


Monitoring, Oversight, and Record Retention Procedures


Oversight procedures to insure that all disbursements of scholarships are for the intended purpose. The Council’s procedures will require the Council to investigate in the event that information indicates that all or any part of the scholarship is not being used as intended, to recover to the extent possible any impermissibly diverted funds, and to ensure that scholarship funds still held by the recipient are dedicated to the purposes of the scholarship.


All records, reports, evaluations and financial information pertaining to the Council, its programs and operations, and the use of its scholarships are retained in safekeeping at the Council’s offices. In all cases, such records are kept for at least three (3) years after the scholarship is paid to the recipient.


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