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The Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Rochester Emergency Relief Foundation (“MCCC Relief Foundation”)  provides Emergency Financial Assistance.



The MCCC Relief Foundation will administer this Emergency Assistance through the MCCC Relief Committee.

The MCCC Relief Committee will meet on an as needed basis to review and decide upon assistance applications.  The MCCC Relief Committee is comprised of the MCCC officers, a simple majority vote is required to grant assistance.


Individual emergency assistance is to be no greater than $1,000.00 unless otherwise voted upon by the full MCCC Council.  A simple majority is required.


Types of Emergency Assistance are:             DOWNLOAD APPLICATION BEFORE FILLING OUT




            Shelter                                                        CLick Here to Download APPLICATION






Assistance applications must be filled out completely by the Marine, Sailor, Dependent or other entity requesting assistance.  Additional written proof of the emergency need, such as a receipt, estimate, or bills should be included with the application.  



Emergency Assistance will be granted within forty-eight (48) hours from receipt of a qualified application by the MCCC Relief Committee.  The MCCC Relief Committee may meet in person, by telephone, e-mail and any other available electronic means.  Vetting of need will occur through above action, or in the case of active duty military personnel, through the command staff.


Payments will be made directly to debtor(s) from The MCCC.


The emergency assistance provided will be a grant and is not a loan.


The Treasurer of the MCCC Relief Foundation will be responsible for accounting procedures and an annual report to the Board and to funding organizations.


MCCC Board members and officers cannot receive Emergency Assistance.





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